Thursday, 14 April 2011

Models Own Smash-Up Silver

Here is the long awaited Smash-Up polish that Models Own released this week!  The Smash-Up polishes cost £6 each or (for a limited time) 2 for £10 and so far only the black and silver shades have been released but in the near future the other shades will be released too!  I was desperate to try out Smash-Up and so I put a thin layer of it over my previous nail design:
The Smash-Up polish was easy to apply but took longer to crackle than the Barry M Nail Effects that I tried out before so at first I wasn’t sure if it was working but was pleasantly surprised a few seconds later.  Smash-Up gives a nicer, more consistent crackle than Barry M Instant Nail Effects in my experience and you can see what I mean in this photo:
Smash-Up gives the effect I was expecting to have with the Barry M one as it looks exactly like the design on the lid of the Barry M pot but this could be because I did a thicker coat of the Barry M one.  I can safely say I prefer Smash-up to Barry M Instant Nail Effects as it does exactly what you would expect it too but I suppose it depends what kind of look you are going for!  I’ll post a design using Smash-Up Black later on tonight or tomorrow.  What do you think of the Smash-Up polish?