Sunday, 17 April 2011

Smash-Up Black

I thought I would try and replicate what is on the lid of the smash-up polishes so I used 16 Models Own polishes for the base coats, which were (from left to right) Top Turquoise, Blooboo, Feeling blue, True Blue, Prussian Blue, Purple Passion, Pastel Pink, Sophie’s Pink, Raspberry Crush, Red Alert, Coral Reef, Fuzzy Peach, Nyla Nude, Lemon Meringue, Jade Stone and Green Grass.  I painted the base of my nails like this:

As I was in a rush to go out, I quickly applied the Smash-Up black over the base coats but found that it didn’t crack as well as the silver one did, and so these where defiantly a fail in my opinion but most people who I saw that night said they loved them but it wasn’t the effect I was aiming for!
 I think the reason this happened was because I didn’t give the base coats enough time to dry and them also applied too much Smash-Up.  When I used the silver Smash-Up I put it over a nail design that I did a day earlier and also it was much easier to put a thin coat on.  Later on today I’m going to try this exact design again and I’m going to put a dry fast topcoat on and wait a few hours before applying Smash-Up, so will post my results later…. fingers crossed my theory is right as I’ve noticed a few people have been having trouble with these Smash-Up polishes.

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