Tuesday, 17 May 2011

My Models Own Collection

Here is my current collection of Models Own polishes!  I’m afraid I haven’t got the patience to type the names of each shade but if u would like to know what a particular one is just let me know!
Ones I haven’t tried yet                                 Favourites
Bronze Rage                                                  Sophie’s Pink     
Champagne                                                   Blooboo      
Blue Moon                                                      Fuzzy Peach
Emerald City                                                  Magenta Divine
Disco Mix                                                       Top Turquoise 
Purple Haze                                                   Vintage Pink
Peacock Green

Basic Essentials                                            Ones I could live without
Red Alert                                                         24 Carat Gold - I prefer Gold Rush 
Nyla Nude                                                       Nude Beige - I prefer Nyla Nude
Snow White                                                     Bubblegum - it's neon
Black Magic
3 in 1 Base Coat, Top Coat and Gloss


  1. Great Models Own collection :-) i love their nail polishes x

  2. I am very jealous of your gorgeous collection! I'll get there.. eventually! Have you tried their pro range? xx

  3. Thank you for your comments girls! Unfortunately I haven't tried the pro range yet but it's next on my 'to do' list so will do a post about them when i get my hands on some :) xXx

  4. Ah you'll love them! They smell divine when they're dry and there are some lovely colours available =) thanks for following my blog too xx

  5. do you buy them all yourself or do models own gift you some?x

  6. Hi...I've bought most of my ever-growing MO collection myself (over 100 nail varnishes now) but they did kindly give me 6, which I wrote about in this post: http://naildaze.blogspot.co.uk/2010/11/models-own-gooodies-d.html