Sunday, 5 December 2010

My Nail Daze Xmas List

My list of things to get for my nails continues to grow so I thought I'd share it with you.  A lot of the things on this list are for me to experiment with and to see if i can come up with some cool designs using them and others (like the cuticle set) are essentials!

Models Own Nail varnishes (£5 each):
Gold Rush Ready to Wear (will be released soon)
Juicy Jules
Purple Passion
Disco Mix
Scarlet Sparkle
Purple Haze
Green Grass
Raspberry Crush
Fuzzy Peach
Pink Punch
Slate Green
True Blue
Blue Moon
Rock Cheetah Print £6.50 - coming soon but for the mean time i want:

OPI Black Shatter Top Coat (as seen worn by X factor's Cher Lloyd). 
This polish hasn't been released yet but I have found an alternative:

Instant Nail Effects
Barry M Black Magic Instant Nail Effects £3.99

92 Nail Pens £26.99 (including p&p)

Nail Canes  £3.99 (including p&p)

Nail Guides £3.99 (including p&p)

Cuticle Pusher and Cutter Set £2.98 (including p&p)

Coloured Nail Letters £2.99 (including p&p)

Coloured Heart Rhinestones (ready for a Valentines day design) £2.36 (including p&p)

Rhinestone Tweezers £2.30 (including p&p)

Nail Stripes Tape £2.28 (including p&p)

CND Solar Oil £4.95 (including p&p)

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