Monday, 6 December 2010

Wintery Shades and Leopard Print ♥

This is another WAH Nails inspired design.  I used some of my new Models Own Nail Varnishes because they are such wintery colours and look really great together.  From thumb to little finger-Vintage Pink, Nude Beige, Pray, Grace Green and Purple Grey.

For these I painted each nail a different colour, waited for them to dry and then used my black Models Own nail pen to paint the leopard spots on.  At first I tried using the white nail pen instead of black to see what it looked like but I was unsure whether I liked it or not.

After painting the rest of my fingernails with black leopard spots I decided to repaint my little fingernails so that they had black leopard print too and I really love the final look of these.  I used Models Own 3-in-1 Basecoat, Topcoat and Gloss to finish off this design.  The white leopard print has given me a idea for a future post which I think will look fab! :)

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