Monday, 27 December 2010

Scarlet Sparkles

This is my last post using my crappy old camera so hopefully I’ll be able to take some decent photos for a change! I painted my nails plain red on Christmas Eve using Models Own Red Alert but then decided to add a bit of sparkle for Boxing Day using one of my new Models Own nail varnishes (Scarlet Sparkle).  So as you can see from the photos my nails are now a bit battered but are looking rather good considering I started them 4 days ago.
I used three coats of Red Alert for the base which is quite a lot for a Models Own nail varnish but I have found that certain shades have drastically different levels of coverage (some, like Black Magic only need one coat and others such as Snow White need about 5 coats).   I only needed one coat of Scarlet Sparkle as the glitter is really dense and Models Own is the only brand that I have found that do such dense glittery nail varnishes, some other brands tend to be a bit wish washy in my experience.
For Christmas I had 15 Models Own Nail Varnishes and I really can’t wait to try them all out :) but for now here is a quick pic of them:
I will do some swatches and maybe some mini reviews on each of these as soon as I get chance and it will be a good time to test my new camera too I suppose!

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