Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Tutti Frutti Pastels

For this design I used my new nail canes, which I got off eBay for £3.99.  Nail canes are rods of silicone shapes that can be cut thinly and then be stuck onto nails.  These can make nail designs easy to do but can look a bit childish.  I used the following Models Own Nail Varnishes for this design: (from thumb to little finger) Fuzzy Peach, Jade Stone, Hot Pink, Lemon Meringue and Feeling Blue.  Fuzzy Peach is one of the new colours I had for Christmas and I love it!  I think Fuzzy Peach could be the next big thing for summer but either way I will be wearing it all of the time!  This design is pretty self explanatory, I painted 2-3 coats of each shade on each nail, waited for them to dry then put a thin coat of Models Own 3-in-1 Base Coat, Top Coat and Gloss and put the fruity shapes on and sealed with a thick topcoat.  I thought these shapes would catch on everything and not last long but it has been over a day now and they haven’t annoyed me at all!  

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