Saturday, 6 November 2010

1st post…why I’m here

I’ve always been obsessed with painting my nails, and being blessed with strong/long nails I have always made sure my nails had a perfect French manicure. Recently I have become more experimental though and so I have decided to collect my nail art in a blog to share ideas and hopefully get my creative juices going again.

I discovered Wah Nails while looking on the web for some inspiration and absolutely fell in love with it! It has really given me the confidence to do more daring things with my nails than just coloured tips. I love soo many of the designs and I have a folder on my desktop with over 250 images from this site for inspiration. Here are some of my favorites:

My plan is to start off by using inspiration from the professionals (Wah Nails) to practice and then start designing some of my very own nail designs.

I’ve already got a few photos of some of my nails from the last few weeks so I will put them on at some point this weekend to get me going and then I will blog whenever I have any new designs, ideas or anything else I think is interesting!

Wish me luck :)

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