Monday, 8 November 2010

Leopard Print

So here is WAH Nails’ most popular choice…LEOPARD PRINT! I’ve wanted to do leopard print for weeks now after seeing someone’s Konad leopard print nails! I went onto eBay and bought a Konad stamper and scraper set which came with the leopard print M57 plate for £7.40, which was a bit of a bargain as each individual plate is about £5 each! I haven’t used the set yet as I was put off it after reading some instructions online about how to use them. It just sounded like a lot of hassle, mess and fiddling but I’ll have a go soon and let you know if it is as tricky as I think it will be! As you’ve probably guessed, I used some of my nails pens instead!

Firstly I did a coat of Models Own 25 Carat Gold. After a few minutes I used a brown nail pen to make 5 or 6 large dots on each nail and then I used the black pen to draw the black leopard spots on. I used the Seche Vite topcoat again for this to see how good it is and so far I’m impressed! I’m writing this on Monday, a whole 4 days after painting them and so far I can only find a few small bits missing off the tips:

I put a topcoat on the night I did them, and 1 on the Friday night but I’m going to leave these until this Thursday night to see the results after a week!

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